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6 Of America’s Oldest Churches

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Most of the very old remaining buildings in the United States are more utilitarian than they are attractive because when they were built, the object was to get them up as quickly as possible. However, many early colonial and pioneer builders took some extra time to add decorative aspects to their places of worship. Many early churches still stand, from simple country cabins in the west to elaborate antebellum structures in the south. Following are 6 of America’s oldest churches: First Baptist Church In America Located in Providence, Rhode Island, this church houses the oldest consecutive Baptist congregation in the country. The present church building was first erected in 1775 and is still in use today. Besides being used for regular church services, this historic landmark is also used as a community resource for hosting concerts, talks by artists...

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3 Tips For New LDS Homeschoolers

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If you’ve decided that an LDS homeschooling experience is the right choice for your children, you’re in good company. Many LDS families find that the best way to provide their children with a high quality education that reflects their values and the LDS teachings is to provide that education at home, or in a cooperative setting with other like-minded families. However, organizing a homeschool and putting together the resources that you need to teach your children can be an intimidating undertaking. Here are a few tips to help you get started. Build a Diverse Book Collection Not everything has to come out of books specifically designed for homeschoolers. While there are some great homeschool curricula available, it’s always a good idea to supplement with books that are of interest to your children and your family. The more your children...

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