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4 Fun Summer Sponge Water Days Activities For Preschoolers

If your preschool is running a summer season, mix things up a little bit by incorporating some outdoor water fun. Schedule a weekly water day so that your students can get wet and explore all the fun that water has to offer. Here are a few summer water day activities that use sponges that you can do with your preschool class on their water day. 

#1: Sponge Squeeze Race

This is a relay race. Once again, you are going to need to a few sponges. For this activity, you are also going to need a container full of water for each team, and an empty bucket for each team.

You will have one student dip the sponge in the water, run with it to the empty bucket and squeeze as much water into the empty bucket as they can. Then, that student will run back to the line and pass off the sponge to the next student. 

This is a great learning activity. Over time, as your students start to understand how a sponge works, they will learn to not squeeze the sponge as they run with it to the bucket. It is also a great way to make sure your students are getting all the exercise they need.

#2: Wet Sponge Hot Potato

Instead of using a stuffed potato for this classic game, you use a wet sponge. You will need to have your students sit in a circle. Explain to them that they are supposed to pass the sponge around the circle until the music stops. When the music stops, whoever has the sponge gets to squeeze all the water that is left in it on top of their head. They also are in charge of refilling the sponge with water and starting the game again. 

#3: Sponge Tag

The typical rules of tag apply, expect this time the person who is “It” gets to run around with a wet sponge. When they tag another student or squeeze the sponge on to another student, that student then becomes “It” and gets to refill the sponge and start the game again. 

#4: Sponge Water Table

Take your sensory table outside and fill it up with water. Provide your students with a variety of different sized sponges and containers. Let your students explore how sponges work and have fun getting each other wet and filling up their containers with water from the sponges.

Be sure to incorporate water play into your preschool schedule this summer. Try out one or all of the fun sponge themed water activities with your students on your next water day. 

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