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Gravestone Options For Cremains

Cremation doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be no burial. It is becoming more common for ashes to be interred, either in specific cremation-specific memorial parks or in lone or shared burial plots in traditional cemeteries. This means that you will need to choose a grave monument for the interred cremains. The following guide can help you understand what is available.

Desk tablets

These resemble a podium or desk in shape, with a higher back ledge and then a face that angles down to the ground. The back ledge has a cavity to insert an urn, while the sloping face is where the memorial is engraved. There are even tablets available that have room for multiple urns, so that couples or even families can share a plot. Most are made of granite, although there are marble versions available.

Upright slabs

These resemble traditional headstones in that they are upright, but they are typically shorter. They may be perfectly square or rectangular, or they may have a curved top. The cremains are either placed into a integrated urn in the flat top of the stone, or there may be a drawer in the front that is designed to hold the cremains.

Combination headstones

These are traditional headstone for a burial, except they have a spot for an urn to be placed. They are most commonly used for couples when one person requests cremation and the other requests burial. Often, the design is balanced by placing the urn in one side of the gravestone and a flower vase in the other side.

Ledger slabs

These are another option for mixed burials that allows both a traditional and cremation burial to share the same plot. A ledger slab is a slab of granite that is the length of the burial plot. It is polished and engraved with the memorial. You can choose a slab that allows the placement of an urn in it as well. Due to its size, it is especially well suited for family plots as several urns can be fitted to a single slab.

Garden monuments

A popular design tactic for cremain memorial parks is to make them more park-like. This means that gravestones double as statuary. This provides ultimate creativity – you can have statues of animals, fairies, angels and religious symbols, or of the deceased. Another popular option is interactive monuments, such as garden benches. What these all have in common is there is a compartment for the urn or urns to be interred within the statuary.

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